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Japanese Manicure

Japanese Manicure

Say hello to beautiful, long-lasting nails.

Guaranteed for the first 3 weeks.

KOKOIST Gel is a Superior product making nails beautiful, flexible and durable, without any damage.

KOKOIST is a semi-hard gel that provides a natural, long-lasting finish to suit every lifestyle and need.
The base coat (Mega Stick Base Soft Gel) is a soft gel has the best adhesion, durability and flexibility of any gel base treatment.

The Healthier Alternative
Strengthens, conditions, and promotes the growth of your natural nails while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow. There is no inhaling of dust, vapors, smelly odors and no excessive buffing before, during, or after application. 

No Chip Manicures
Gel is applied thin and natural looking without the use of primers, bonders or sealers. Strong and durable, yet flexible, KOKOIST Gel gives the nail the ability to bend without cracking or splintering. It will not lift, chip, smudge, or wear away at the free edge for weeks on end. 

Natural Nail Extensions
Extend natural nails that will not split nor crack, giving your nails the chance to grow long and strong. KOKOIST Gel can be applied over any other permanent nail enhancements or tips.


At Signature, we believe in trust and a sense of community. We provide the highest quality treatment possible. If your nail is damaged within the first 3 weeks, come into the salon or send a photo to If it is our fault, we can offer you a consultation and repair the damage at no extra charge. 

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